Sen. Ron Johnson’s final push before Election Day


OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) – The final political push is underway. Candidates hoping to claim victory on Tuesday are spending the last few hours before election day campaigning for last-minute votes.

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson launched his final day of campaigning in his hometown.

On the last day of his re-election campaign, Senator Ron Johnson greeted a crowd in front of PACUR in Oshkosh, the company he created with his brother-in-law back in 1979.

“I’m not only for working men and women, I am a working man,” Ron Johnson told supporters. “When I started this business here, I helped install the equipment with union mill rights, electricians and plumbers.”

It’s that attitude that has earned Johnson the support of Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. She said, “He signed both sides of the paycheck. Here’s a guy who hauls out a couple of pallets in order to do a rally in the morning. This is a big deal election and that’s why I’m so proud to stand with and behind my friend, Ron Johnson.”

And with all eyes on the state of Wisconsin and its senate race because of its implications, Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, who is also a doctor, campaigned with Ron Johnson. He focused on why he believes Ron Johnson and not Russ Feingold needs to go back to Washington to right what he calls the Obamacare wrong.

According to Sen. Barrasso, “Russ Feingold was the 60th vote that passed Obamacare. Ron Johnson will hold the Senate so we have a majority to repeal and replace Obamacare.”

It’s work Johnson said he’s doing for his grandkids but won’t be able to do without his supporters’ help, adding, “I’m begging you, talk to everybody you know. Over the next 24 hours, every friend, every family member, every neighbor, perfect stranger, get them out to vote to make sure that truth overcomes lies.”