Feyen speaks after winning 18th State Senate race


FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WBAY) – Republican Dan Feyen is addressing Wisconsin’s 18th State Senate race.

Feyen won the race in the Fox Valley against Democrat Mark Harris.

“We have hit a lot of doors,” Feyen said. “We have done a lot of great things on things on this campaign, taking our message of smaller, smarter government to the people. Talking to them at the doors about it. Work on the skills gap, fixing our transportation fund, great educational system here in the state. That’s the message we are taking to Madison.”

Harris gave the following statement after the results were released:

“I want to thank all the great friends, neighbors, and volunteers who have supported me and worked so hard throughout this campaign. Together, we pounded the pavement and picked up the phone because we share a vision to move Wisconsin forward again. While I am disappointed in the final outcome, I appreciate everyone who came out and showed their support for our campaign.

“I am proud of the positive campaign we ran and the important issues that we brought to the forefront of this election. Strengthening our local public schools, forming a fair tax system, ensuring access to clean drinking water, and investing in job creation are all important priorities that must be addressed moving forward.

“I wish Dan Feyen the best as our next State Senator from the 18th State Senate District.”