Green Bay Police discuss theft prevention during holiday season


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – As people get a head start on their holiday shopping, Green Bay Police are giving retailers some tips about how to prevent theft.

Police departments and retailers from around the area gathered Wednesday at the police station for a holiday safety and theft prevention summit.

Officers encouraged businesses to motivate loss prevention staff to detect suspects and implement store greeters. They also want them to make sure store video surveillance is working.

The summit was part of a large plan to crack down on theft.

“Our number one crime in Green Bay is people stealing stuff from stores, so we’ve been meeting with them regularly,” said Green Bay Police Chief Andrew Smith. “Every month or two, we have a meeting about what’s working what’s not working.”

Police are also encouraging shoppers to use their serial number awareness program. It allows users to catalog large-ticket items in the event of a theft. To sign up, visit