Gallagher says he’ll bring urgency and purpose to Washington


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Fresh off his election to the House of Representatives, Green Bay’s Mike Gallagher is talking about his agenda for when he takes office.

Gallagher, a Republican, defeated Democrat Tom Nelson for the 8th Congressional District seat that represents much of Northeast Wisconsin.

“I think the American people across the country have sent a message that they demand some urgency,” Gallagher told Action 2 News. “Throughout this campaign, I’ve said I intend to treat it like a deployment, not like a career, and attack it with a mission and a sense of urgency and purpose.”

The Marine veteran says there are several key issues he wants to work on right away. He says he’s willing to compromise with Democrats to create new reforms.

“Tackling replacing something like Obamacare, which we’ve seen is just collapsing under its own weight,” Gallagher says. “It’s hurting Wisconsin families right now. We need to not only repeal it, but replace it with something that works. We need comprehensive regulation reform to help our manufacturers compete with countries around the world.”

Gallagher says he knows how divided the country is, but believes Americans need to come together.

“I think you’ll see a lot of Republicans who had some hesitation around Donald Trump to at least give him a shot. It becomes even more important that he surround himself with good people in very important positions across the board to confront these challenges we face,” Gallagher tells us.

He says he wants to do his part to ease fear and concern. That means listening to the people who didn’t vote for him.

“I’d like to hear from you. I’d like to engage. I’d like to get your perspective on where you think the country needs to go,” Gallagher said. “I’d like to buy you a cup of coffee and sit down. I think we need more of that civil discussion.”

Gallagher will take over for Rep. Reid Ribble, a Republican who opted not to seek re-election.