“WW II was a must win”


GREEN BAY, Wis  (WBAY) – A year ago, the Packers lost 4 of 5 games in November and managed to make the playoffs.  But that skid came after a 7-0 start to the season.  If the Packers fall this Sunday in Tennessee, that will give them four losses in their last 5 games, but it will drop them under the .500 mark with just 7 games remaining in a congested NFC playoff chase.  So is Sunday a must win situation for the Packers?

“I’ve never like that term. World War II was a must win, football is football” says Aaron Rodgers.

Ah, perspective.  But keep this perspective in mind; there are 10 teams in the NFC with at least 4 wins, and the Packers have already lost to 3 of them – the Vikings, Falcons and Cowboys.   So how do they separate from the pack?

“I think just being consistent” said linebacker Nick Perry.  “Being consistent and when the play is there for you to make, you have to make the play.”  Adds receiver Jordy Nelson “Last week we normally have done well on third downs, like second in the league, but last week we took a dip there. In Atlanta, we did really well in the red zone; last week we struggled. It’s one of those things where you just have to stay consistent throughout the weeks, I think that’s where the great teams separate themselves.”

Mike McCarthy’s teams have been here before. In 2009, they were 4-4 but finished 1-5. In 2013, they were 5-6-1 and made the playoffs. In 2010, with an injury list longer than this year’s, the Packers sat at 8-6 before running off to the Super Bowl title. Now there is a saying that those who do not know history are destined to repeat it. You can amend that saying here to those who know history, and plan on it repeating, are destined to fail.

“When you sit there and say hey, we are going to do it just the way we did it last year because it worked, or this is 2010 all over again, I don’t go that way” said Head Coach Mike McCarthy.  “I think that is a bad trap to possibly fall in to, I think that comes in the category of false confidence.  The confidence I stick to is what I see each and every day; this is a good football team and we’ve got a chance to do good things. And the most important thing, the good thing, is Sunday is beat Tennessee.”