Rucksack march raises money, awareness for suicide prevention


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – On this Veterans Day, residents are marching to raise awareness and money for suicide prevention.

The 22 Mile Suicide Awareness March began at Stadium View Bar and Grille Friday morning. Some participants make the long journey while carrying a rucksack that weighs 22 pounds

The number 22 is significant. It represents the 22 veterans who commit suicide every day.

The march is organized by the group 4th H.O.O.A.H.

“We have about a 50-50 vets to civilians here. And for a veteran to see a civilian who cares so much about them to go and walk 22 miles with 22 pounds, It’s painful it’s a difficult task,” says organizer William Kocken. “As a veteran myself when I see civilians step up and do that it brings a tear to my eye. It excited me, it makes me happy.”

Kocken says the money raised through pledges goes toward helping those who suffer from mental illness.