Schools report racially charged incidents after election


In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, reports of racially charged incidents are emerging from the nation’s schools and universities, including students who chanted “white power” and called black classmates “cotton pickers.”

Reporting by The Associated Press and local media outlets has identified more than 20 such encounters beginning on Election Day, many involving people too young to cast a ballot.

At the University of New Mexico, a Muslim engineering student said a man attempted to snatch off her hijab while she was studying on Tuesday.

Oren Segal is director of the Anti-Defamation League office that monitors extremism. He says young people were observing the presidential campaign closely. And now that the campaign is over, the impact of what they have seen “is not just going to go away.”

According to WISN-TV, several students at Milwaukee’s Marquette University High School say they were taunted at school on Wednesday, one day after Trump was elected to be the nation’s 45th president. One mother said her 16-year-old son — a student at the private, all-male school — told her that another boy put a printed sticker on his back that read, “Go Back to Mexico.”

Others put Trump/Pence stickers on student’s backs and backpacks. School officials said they were embarrassed by the behavior of a few students, saying it was inappropriate.

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