Fond du Lac honors fallen State Trooper

Local law enforcement teams up with grocery store for fundraiser to create a permanent monument for Trooper Trevor Casper


FOND DU LAC, Wis (WBAY) – Members of local law enforcement showed off their grocery bagging skills today in Fond du Lac, all part of a fundraiser to honor a Wisconsin State Trooper killed in the line of duty.

Lt. Ryan Chaffee with Wisconsin State Patrol reflects, “Trooper Trevor Casper was a cop’s cop. He was fresh out of the academy. He had an attitude that he was really out to help people and to save the world, and he — in fact — made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Casper died back in March 2015 after a shootout with a suspect in a murder and bank robbery. It happened near the Pick ‘n Save grocery store on West Johnson Street in Fond du Lac. Since that day, the community has been honoring the state trooper for sacrificing his life by placing flowers and messages at the site where the shooting took place.

Lt. Chaffee appreciates how the city has remembered Casper. “They constantly leave items at the memorial site, temporary memorial site where he was shot, and this is something special we can do in order to commemorate his sacrifice.”

Matt Sullivan, who is the store director of the Pick ‘n Save, worked with his team to plan the monument. “We wanted to create something more permanent there, make it a little bit nicer area where the community can come and sacrifice Trooper Casper’s life, and what he gave his life for.”

Grocery shoppers are encouraged to donate at the checkout line to help raise funds for the monument. A park bench with a commemorative plaque will be dedicated to Trooper Casper, and any leftover funds will be donated to organizations that help the families of fallen law enforcement. Sullivan adds, “Some store staff came up with that idea, and we reached out to the troopers, and they agreed it would be a great idea.”

State Trooper Lou Judge says the men and women of law enforcement truly appreciate the gesture. “The community support has really been what’s gotten us through this. It’s such a tragic situation to have to go through, both for us and for Trevor’s family. I know his family’s very happy that the community is reaching out and doing this for him, and they look forward to coming and seeing it as well.”