Packers’ poor start dooms day in Tennessee


The Packers early production has been alarmingly lacking in the last 2 games. Green Bay fell behind 31-13 at home against the Colts last week and 21-0 on the road after just 1 quarter today at Tennessee.

The offense had every chance to start strong after the Titans had a failed onside kick right off the bat. But a 3-and-out with an Aaron Rodgers major miss on 3rd down halted that first foray. But Davante Adams refuses to concede that the opening drive set the tone for the day.

“That’s the first drive of the game. You can’t say anything about that having to do anything with the rest of the game,” Adams said. “It doesn’t matter if something happens in the fourth quarter, if there is still time on the clock and we had time to fix it. We just didn’t do that. I don’t want to hear anything about a three and out on the first drive because that doesn’t matter, and that’s ridiculous.”

Mike Daniels, whose shower room tirade last week created such a stir, was blown off the ball on the Titans’ first play from scrimmage, which resulted in a 75-yard touchdown.

He also committed a costly taunting penalty to stem the tide with his team gaining momentum later. It was not Daniels’ best day. He must move forward.

“Focus on improving myself,” Daniels said. “I let my team down in some areas today, with the penalty and the first run. I have to correct myself before I can say anything to anybody. That was not my best performance today. I let the guys down and let the fans down and I have to do better. So much more is expected of me. I have to meet those expectations. That is a form of respect, when people expect a lot out of you. I have to correct what I can correct for myself and I’m sure everyone will be doing the same to bring this thing together.”

The bright spots with the Packers are growing dimmer. It is clear that injuries are playing a part, but the next man up mantra that has been a calling card in the past has not produced a winning result since that Thursday night against the Bears.