Cover 2: Aaron Ripkowski on the physical over the emotional


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Green Bay Packers fullback Aaron Ripkowski visits Cover 2 after a rough day, and a rough start against the Tennessee Titans.

Action 2 Sports director Chris Roth asked him about emotion.

Ripkowski: “I keep it objective, I don’t mix emotion too much with football.”

Chris Roth: “Really? ‘Cause it’s such an emotional game.”

Ripkowski “It is. I think it’s more a physical than an emotional.”

Also, Ripkowski reacted to Aaron Rodgers wanting him on the field more often.

“If my name is called, then I’ll step up and do my job. But you know, sometimes when you’re in certain situations when you’re playing from behind I’m not exactly a quick hitter,” Ripkowski. “It’s situational football.”