Two arrested for gas pump skimmer in Green Bay

Photo provided
Photo provided

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Green Bay Police say they arrested two people for using a skimmer device at a gas station on the city’s west side.

Police arrested two men, 27 and 39 years old, at about 7:30 Monday night. They’re suspected of using a skimmer device to collect credit card information from customers at the Shell Gas Station on the 1100-block of West Mason Street.

However, police don’t believe these were the only skimmer devices being used in the Green Bay area.

They may also be tied to skimmers found in Minnesota.

Police say the men are from Miami and Venezuela, and have no ties to the area except criminal activity. Evidence was found at a hotel in Ashwaubenon that might link them to more crimes.

“This investigation is going to be very complex, because this investigation isn’t only going to span the city of Green Bay but it’s going to include multiple jurisdictions. Over the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network we have seen countless reports of credit card skimmers throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota,” Capt. Kevin Warych, Green Bay Police Department, said.

A skimmer device is used to copy credit card information as it’s inserted into a machine, such as a gas pump or automated teller machine. According to police, suspects usually target gas stations that are closed at night, and use a universal key to open the pump and install the device.

They say these skimmers are almost impossible to detect from outside the gas pump.

Police are asking gas station owners to inspect the inside of their pumps near the credit card readers.

Customers can check for broken seals around the pump.

“The consumer, they just need to be very vigilant of where they use their credit card or debit card. You can grab onto the skimmer, grab onto the reader, the credit card holder, determine if it’s loose. That would probably be a tell tale sign that there’s something behind there that shouldn’t be,” Warych offered.

Police are asking anyone who thinks they might be a victim of a skimming device to report it to police at (920) 391-7450, and also check their credit card accounts.