CP Center raising money for $7.5 million expansion

CP Center
CP Center

ALLOUEZ, Wis. (WBAY) – It’s not quite time for the annual CP Telethon on WBAY-TV — it’s the wrong season for that — but that doesn’t mean the CP Center organization isn’t working on its fundraising.

Tuesday, CP announced the public phase of its $7.5 million campaign to add a 21,000-square foot expansion to its facility. Organizers have already raised $6 million but are still in need of more donations.

There’s a growing demand for the CP Center’s services in the Green Bay area, where the organization services nearly 21,000 people across Northeast Wisconsin.

With the renovations, the organization hopes to expand its client base and create more opportunities to help those in need across Wisconsin.

“We hope that, as the community has the past 63 years, that they will open their checkbooks and support us with this expansion goal moving forward. As you know, the CP has been well supported in the Northeast Wisconsin region over the past 60 years, so we hope people will see this as a viable need and will continue to help us going forward,” CP executive director Jon Snydergaard said.