District: Gibraltar coach suspended for drunken behavior at fundraiser

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DOOR COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – After learning the Gibraltar High School football coach Pat Keehan and Assistant Coach Mike LeClair were placed on administrative leave for the rest of the football season, Action 2 News filed an open records request with the district to find out why that decision was made.

A memo dated October 11 details a meeting between dean of students Tim Mulrain, principal Gereon Methner, and Keehan.  The meeting was about the findings of an investigation conducted by Mulrain and Methner in which they spoke with adult and student witnesses.

The concern was over Keehan’s conduct during a volunteer fundraising event while representing the school and team as head coach.

The memo indicates Keehan admitted having four drinks at the event, that he was asked two times not to be behind the bar, that he appeared to be intoxicated at the dinner, and that he used profane language at the event in the presence of adults and students.

“Coaches serve as a model for the students and when they represent the school district in the community are expected to act in a professional manner,” reads the memo. “The behavior of coaches when representing the school district reflects on the school district and affects the trust parents place in staff and coaches. Your behavior undermines that trust, and reflects negatively on the school district athletic programs.”

As a result, Keehan was suspended with pay for the rest of the 2016 season.

In the response to our open records request, the District noted that Keehan has resigned as coach after being notified that the district received the request.

There’s nothing in the request about why LeClair was placed on leave, other than it was the same day as Keehan.