Things to know for Wisconsin’s gun-deer hunt


NORTHEAST WISCONSIN (WBAY) – Blaze orange or pink. Check. Guns and ammo. Check. Beer, soda, and snacks. Check. A lifetime of memories with your family and friends. Check.

Wisconsin’s 9-day gun-deer hunt opens Saturday, Nov. 19 and runs through Sunday, Nov. 27.

Wisconsin is divided up into Deer Management Zones and county-based Deer Management Units.

Here are some things to know about the 2016 season:


No baiting or feeding is allowed in Oconto County or Menominee County following the discovery of chronic wasting disease in a deer raised on a private hunting preserve in Gillett.

Wisconsin law requires the DNR to ban feeding and baiting of deer in a county that is within a 10-mile radius of the CWD zone.

Chronic wasting disease is contagious and affects the animal’s brain. Eventually, the deer wastes away.


While some people go hunting to escape emails, social media, and trappings of modern life, a smartphone can be a very handy tool this hunting season.

The DNR has a new online licensing system called Go Wild.

Designed to make outdoor recreation more convenient, Go Wild eliminated the traditional green paper licenses and allows for more options, including a way to display your license on your smartphone.

The DNR will accept the following proof of license:

  • Printed paper copy
  • Wisconsin driver’s license
  • DNR-issued Go Wild Conservation Card
  • Digital PDF file issued by the DNR. This file can be shown on smartphone or mobile device.

Hunters must have lived in Wisconsin for 30 consecutive days before they can get a license.

CLICK HERE for the Go Wild website


Each hunting license comes with a buck carcass tag, which can now be printed from home via the Go Wild website.

Also, hunters will be able to select one or more farmland antlerless deer tags for use in a specific deer management zone. Click here to read about bonus antlerless tags.

The DNR says 10 Deer Management Units are buck-only. These units are located in the Northern and Central Forest Zones.

You will need to write the date on the tag and circle the time you bagged your buck. The tag must be secured to the deer.

Hunters harvesting a deer without a carcass tag in their possession will face a fine of more than $300.

Click here for more information on this season’s tagging rules.

Hunters must register a deer by 5 p.m. the day after the harvest.

You can register these ways:


The DNR has released an online booklet of all the regulations for the 2016 hunt. CLICK HERE to see what is and isn’t allowed this year.


Hunters can now wear blaze pink in addition to the traditional blaze orange. Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill earlier this year that allows pink in the woods.

The authors of the bill hoped it would encourage more women to hunt.


Saturday is a Weather Aware Day because of high winds and cold. StormCenter 2 meteorologist Steve Beylon says harsh northwest winds gusting over 40 mph, will blast Wisconsin with much colder weather.  Weekend high temperatures will only be in the 30s, with chills in the teens and 20s. We could see some snow showers or flurries.

The winds bring the possibility of power outages.

CLICK HERE for the full forecast.

You can check the forecast in your cabin or blind by downloading the StormCenter 2 On the Go app for your smartphone. Click here to find out what the app offers you.


It’s no surprise that there will be plenty of traffic Friday and Saturday as people head to camp. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation says most major highway construction projects are wrapped up for the year but drivers may still encounter lane restrictions and reduced speed limits.

  • US 10 eastbound between Winnebago County CB and I-41 northbound is reduced to a single lane.
  • In Winnebago County, the westbound US 10/southbound WIS 441 to northbound I-41 ramp will be closed until the spring of 2018. Motorists can continue on westbound US 10 to WIS 76, take WIS 76 north to WIS 96 and follow WIS 96 east to northbound I-41.

You can check out the traffic flow on Timesaver Traffic:


Wisconsin Public Service is reminding hunters returning to their cabins, shacks, campers and tents that a build-up of carbon monoxide can be deadly, so make sure the heating equipment is working properly and venting to the outside. Check chimneys for blockage, such as bird nests and leaves. Small propane heaters and stoves, kerosene, wood burning and charcoal grills can produce CO build-up if not properly vented. Never use a charcoal or gas grill indoors for heating.

Symptoms of CO poisoning include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, nausea and confusion. Get to fresh air outside, then open windows and doors to ventilate the structure.


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