Bond set for credit card skimmer suspects

Orlando Romero-Santaella (left) and Leonardo Jose Chacin-Paredes (right) appear in court.
Orlando Romero-Santaella (left) and Leonardo Jose Chacin-Paredes (right) appear in court.

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – Bond has been set for two men accused of running a credit card skimming operation at a Green Bay gas station.

Orlando Romero-Santaella and Leonardo Jose Chacin-Paredes both appeared in Brown County court on Wednesday afternoon.

Bond for Romero-Santaella was set at $50,000. Bond for Chacin-Paredes was set at $25,000.

Police arrested them on Monday after they say the men used a skimmer device at the Shell gas station on 1146 W. Mason Street. The homemade devices are used to read credit card information at gas pumps.

Prosecutors say the suspects were driving a white Kia minivan with Minnesota license plates when they were caught. They were staying at a hotel in Green Bay. They checked in on Saturday, Nov. 12 and were due to check out on Friday, Nov. 17.

The gas station manager noticed something wrong with the pumps on Monday. It’s typical for a suspect to install a skimming device on a Friday and then retrieve it on a Monday since people who work on or inspect the gas pumps typically don’t work on weekends, prosecutors said. Suspects are also known to target gas stations that close at night.

Romero-Santaella has no connections to the United States. Chacin-Paredes says he lives in Florida.

Formal charges against the suspects are pending.

Police have said they believe there are other skimmer devices being operated in the Green Bay area. They recommend people who pay at the pump monitor their credit card accounts.