Police ask campaigns to pay for security

police squad car lights daytime

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) — The presidential election may already feel like a distant memory to many, but for those who worked at the campaign events before it, they’re anything but.

You might label this a bizarre election cycle.

Even more so, Green Bay Police say, because they’ve been paid by the candidates for security details.

That’s happened rarely, if at all, in decades.

“There’s a lot of positives coming out of this, but we still have a lot of work to do and we take this very seriously,” says Green Bay Police Captain Kevin Warych.

So far, Green Bay Police have received $14,055 for providing security and protection at campaign visits dating back to March, being paid by the Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders campaigns.

They should have more coming, though, to the tune of $36,980 from six other visits by the Sanders, Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns.

“The last presidential visits a month ago, those were just billed out, so we have to give the campaigns some time to pay their bills,” says Warych, referring to about $10,000 in bills.

But police are not letting them off the hook for any of it.

Take the bill for $3,162 for President-elect Trump’s stop March 30th.

When police didn’t get paid the first time they billed it, they tried again.

“Our business manager reached out to the campaign and asked him, you know, this bill was sent out months ago. They said, oh. They apologized, and they said that got lost in the shuffle and they plan on paying that bill,” explains Warych.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office hasn’t seen its money either, awaiting about $19,905 for security details.

While the agencies are unsure they’ll receive those other payments, they feel compelled to pursue the money so taxpayers don’t get stuck with the bills.

“It’s our duty as the department and for the community to follow-up with these bills to make sure they do get paid,” adds Warych.