Summary of Brendan Dassey’s Release into Society

Brendan Dassey DOC photo
Dept of Corrections photo

WISCONSIN (WBAY) — When Brendan Dassey is released from prison, friends and family are expecting his transition back into society won’t be easy.

In September, Dassey, his attorney, and his family made a plan for his re-entry into society as part of his request to be released from prison.

That plan was filed with the court.

Dassey and his family have been in touch with a Chicago-area social worker who works at Northwestern University’s Bluhm Legal Clinic.

Steven Drizin, one of Dassey’s attorneys, is the director of that clinic.

The social worker working with Dassey specializes in helping former prisoners transition back into the public and has worked with many people with intellectual disabilities.

Action 2 News reached out to her multiple times for comment about Dassey’s release plan but did not receive a call or email back at the time of publication.

In the plan shared with the court, one of Dassey’s attorneys, Laura Nirider, said her client will spend the first one to three months after his release living in a trailer with his mom about 100 miles northeast of Manitowoc.

She said that secluded location will minimize disruptions to the community, the Halbach family, and Dassey.

After those three months, Dassey’s attorneys suggest he will move to Brown County and rent an apartment, paid for by his mom and stepfather.

Brown County was chosen because of its abundance of services and resources, many of which it said Dassey would use. This includes educational, vocational, and therapeutic services.

The plan said, however, if the court wants Dassey to be released somewhere in Manitowoc County, where Dassey committed his crimes, Dassey would move into an extra bedroom with his mom and stepfather in their Michicot home.

The plan does not give specific addresses for any of those potential locations, citing privacy and safety concerns for Dassey and his family.

According to this plan, Dassey has received regular visits from family members so his attorneys are confident he’ll get support from his family.

They said Dassey will also maintain a long-term relationship with the social worker.