Unfriendly Forecast for Gun Deer Opener


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – The blustery weekend forecast is the last thing hunters were hoping to hear, as high winds could make for a slow start to the 2016 gun deer season.

At Cabela’s in Green Bay, the hunt is on for some last-minute supplies.

Gun deer season is just three days away, and hunters know it could be a tough start.

“Better have a sturdy tree or be sitting on the ground,” says Jim Prahl from Appleton.

“You gotta roll with the punches, that’s about all you can do,” adds Dale Poquette from Illinois.

DNR Wildlife Biologist Jeff Pritzl says wind is not a hunter’s friend.

“We look at rain and temperature, but I think wind is the biggest factor and probably the biggest enemy, even if it’s not necessarily for the deer, it’s the least comfortable, enjoyable hunting conditions, it’s going to be a matter of either adapting our strategies on Saturday or adapting expectations,” advises Pritzl.

Pritzl says the more the wind blows then less deer move, and with gusts up to 40 mph forecasted Saturday, hunters already know expectations and strategies will have to be altered.

“We may have to get out and see if we can kick them up a little bit more that just sitting in the nice, cushy blind,” says Poquette.

“They’re going to hang tight, and then if they get pushed they’ll move but they don’t want to, they’re leary in the wind anyhow,” adds Prahl.

Despite the forecast, there is always hope.

“Somebody on Saturday is going to have the hunt of a lifetime and they may even be able to say the wind worked to their advantage, so understanding your local topography and habitat and saying, well if I was a deer,” says Pritzl.

And also keeping in mind opening weekend is just the beginning of the 9-day hunt.

“A poor opener may just mean better opportunities later,” says Pritzl.