Car’s dash cam records deer hit in the Village of Fox Crossing


FOX CROSSING, Wis. (WBAY) – It’s an amazing video caught on camera: a deer strikes a car driving on Highway 441 in the village of Fox Crossing.

It happened along a stretch you’d least expect to see a deer.

Heading east on Highway 441 just past the Racine Street exit in the Village of Fox Crossing– what seemed like an ordinary drive — changed in a second when a deer bounced off the front fender of Cody Gustafson’s car.

“It scared me. It was followed by some screaming, but I had enough wits about myself to just control the vehicle, maintain my safety and pull to the side of the road,” said Gustafson.

The collision is one of many that have occurred recently as hunters prepare for the start of the gun deer season this weekend.

Police say it’s a reminder of why drivers this time of the year have to be on alert– even if it’s a location deer normally would avoid.

Officer Jason Weber of the Fox Crossing Police Department said, “These deer just jump out, and video that was shared with us really is a perfect example of that, that just out of the blue, and it’s in a construction zone, and kind of an urban environment where you really wouldn’t expect that or anticipate that.”

Since Gustafson has a dash cam, the accident was recorded.

His car was a total loss, but thankfully he was not injured.

Gustafson added, “With no reaction time I had no time to swerve, but I was taught never to swerve. The air bag blew up in my face, and fight or flight took over, and fighting to maintain control and make sure I did what I had to do to stay safe.”

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, accidents involving deer injure about 10,000 drivers in the U.S. each year.