New deer tagging rules in place

(Photo: WBAY)
(Photo: WBAY)

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Two days before the start of Wisconsin’s gun deer season, hunters are being reminded that the way they tag their deer this year has changed.

If this fall’s archery season is any indication, some deer hunters haven’t quite caught on yet.

“I do think we’re going to run into issues. Already this year we’ve come across hunters who are getting ready to go out and don’t have their tags with them,” says DNR Conservation Warden Cara Kamke.

Wisconsin’s new Go Wild licensing system allows people to use their driver’s license as proof of possessing a hunting or fishing license, but for those hunting bear, turkey or deer, a carcass tag is still required.

“Hunters may be under the impression that everything is on their driver’s license but that’s not accurate, this year for deer hunting hunters need to carry their carcass tags with them,” reminds Kamke.

Gone are the green plastic back tags and carcass tags, replaced by white paper tags hunters can carry in their pocket.

“After hunters come across their deer that’s dead and down they immediately have to validate their paper carcass tag with a pen, marker, pencil, something like that, they don’t have to attach it right away and that is one of the changes for this year, they don’t have to immediately attach the tag to the deer as long as they’re with the deer, so that prevents this paper tag from falling off the deer as they’re dragging it out of the woods, they do have to attach the tag to the deer once they leave the deer, so they leave it at deer camp, leave it at home, leave it with somebody else, that tags needs to stay with the deer,” says Kamke.

Hunters harvesting a deer without a carcass tag in their possession will face a fine of more than $300.

Hunters are also responsible for protecting the more fragile paper tags.

“Hunters should utilize a plastic bag or maybe their old back tag holder to hold those paper licenses,” advises Kamke.

Another change hunters will notice this year is that blaze pink is now allowed as a legal hunting color to go along with the traditional blaze orange.