Hunters head out for the big gun hunting season opener this weekend

Hunters from near and far are in Wisconsin for the big tradition of gun deer hunting.

Thousands will head out to the woods on Saturday for the big gun-deer hunting season opener but many started packing up and heading out of town Friday morning.

“Excitement nerves, big nerves, you’re wondering, hoping you see one and hoping you get a shot at one and it’s kind of all up in the air, anything can happen,” said Greg Giessen, a hunter.

Many of the hunters say this is a tradition and the year would not be complete without their hunting trip.

“I want to get a deer this year I haven’t gotten one yet so hopefully this year I will,” said Evan Farr who was headed out to meet his dad for their hunting trip.

The prize is rewarding, but for some of the hunters there’s just something special about the woods.

“Just being out there, being away from everything else, in the world all of life’s problems,” said Brandon Kreutzer, another hunter.

A big part of the big season is the bonding time with friends.

“Definitely the camaraderie with people you haven’t seen in a whole year, all get together play cards, drink a little beer,” said Michael Oudenhoven.

It is also a tradition that often gets passed down for years to come.

“I’ve been hunting since right before 14 years old and my father hunted, and now my granddaughter it’s a 4th generation hunt,” said Oudenhoven.