Hunters bring out winter gear for gun deer hunt season opener


ABRAMS, Wis. (WBAY) – It was like Christmas morning for all the hunters in Wisconsin because Saturday marked the opener for the gun deer hunting season.

Plenty of hunters stopped at a BP gas station in Abrams, picking up items to get themselves through the long hours in the deer stands.

Hunters have been anticipating getting out to the woods for weeks. They got out their deer stands and made sure their guns were ready to go.

“We are acting crazy and going to look in the snow for brown, furry things with white tails,” said hunter Mike Rodgers.

“This is opening day of gun season, and [I’m] hoping to get some venison in the freezer,” said hunter Billy Patterson.

Most importantly, hunters got all of their winter gear out of the closet. If you ask any hunter, there’s no telling how long you will be outside before you get lucky.

Hunters we spoke with were happy to see temperatures drop overnight because they say it gets the deer moving, increasing their chances of getting one.

“Yeah, it seems the deer move more when it’s colder versus when it’s warmer,” said hunter Stephen Jessel. “That’s why I am not complaining because they will be moving.”

Some hunters said they wouldn’t go home until they get a buck. Others felt differently, but they all agreed that there’s nothing like being out in the woods.

“I guess you can get out of this world for a minute and just relax,” Rodgers said.

“That’s the serenity of a long work week,” Patterson said.

“Just the drive, the feeling, shoot your deer and something to track them, I don’t know. It’s just in my blood, I guess,” said hunter Austin Mangers.

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