Historic Appleton church closing after about 100 years

APPLETON, Wis.(WBAY) – After about 100 years, the Trinity Lutheran Church in Appleton is closing its doors.

Many folks are sad to move on, saying there’s so much history and memories tied to it.

Trinity Lutheran Church is on South Allen Street in Appleton. The church membership group voted this year to sell the building to a developer. The church just wasn’t making enough money to keep up with the building, so it is moving to a temporary chapel in Menasha.

“I hate to see it go because it’s such a beautiful church, and I hope they build another one pretty soon,” said church member Jerome Rohde.” “We were hoping to celebrate 50 years together here, but it isn’t going to happen now, so three more years we could have made it.”

There is a lot of history at Trinity Lutheran Church with a lot of great times and traditions.

“Our children were married here, our grandchildren were married here, our great-grandchild was baptized here,” said Charlotte Dorow.

There’s no word on what the developer plans to do with the building, but precious items inside will go to good homes.

“Many churches have asked for things that we have in our building, and so we are able to give pieces of us to other churches,” said Jeanne Beckley, President of the Trinity Church Council.

Beckley said the church council is also saddened by the decision, saying it wasn’t an easy one.

“It’s sad to leave this building, but in the end, it’s about the congregation. We’re staying together. We’re a close congregation, and it’s about moving forward,” said Beckley.