Hunters rebound from slow start to gun deer season


CRIVITZ, Wis. (WBAY) – Hunters in Crivitz say the weather on Sunday provided a much-needed rebound after a slow start to the gun deer season.

Many more people got their prized bucks on Sunday.

Hunter Doug Leuman of Suamico said Saturday’s high winds made hunting almost unbearable. However, the cold weather on Sunday didn’t stop him from getting a six-point buck. He wanted his wife to take the shot.

“She didn’t see the buck right away, and I was like, ‘Well if I don’t take a shot now, we’re not going to get this deer.’ So I fired, and he ran about 100 yards, and that was it,” Leuman said.

Other hunters also said Saturday’s winds kept deer from moving around much near Crivitz.

“Usually you hear just a lot of shots,” said hunter Brian Raddatz of Wind Lake. “Everything echoes in the woods. I mean, you can hear stuff from acres and miles away, and yesterday morning was just really quiet.”

Sunday was a different story. It wasn’t very windy, making for a more successful hunt.

Hunter Max Raddatz of Wind Lake didn’t go home empty-handed.

“Well, we got a four-point buck,” he said. “Saw a smaller doe earlier, but we couldn’t take the shot. It’s too small, but the bigger one came out. We took him.”

A slow start to the season seemed to catch up with Charlie’s Island Cafe.

“This year, it seems like it’s slowed down from the past two years that I’ve been here,” said Jessi Swenty, a waitress at Charlie’s Island Cafe. “Other years, you’re pretty much busy every single day.”

Other hunters were still hoping to get a buck.

“Pretty slow,” said hunter Scott Nelezen of Crivitz. “Not seeing any deer.”

Hunter Rob Blok’s group weathered the wind and cold, and with some success, he’s hopeful to add more to the deer he has collected before calling it a season.

“I shot myself a doe,” Blok said. “Still looking for a buck yet, but we got the rest of the week, and we’ll give it a try.”