Two Rivers siblings raise money for Haiti devastation


TWO RIVERS, WIs. (WBAY) A project called “Hope for Haiti” is trying to raise $15,000 dollars to provide relief for victims of Hurricane Matthew— which hit Haiti this past October.

Organizers—a brother and sister from Two Rivers—will take the money to deliver food, water, housing, and medical supplies to those who need it most. Amber and Brandon LaChapelle are hard at work.

“We currently have a GoFundMe page set up-and we’ve done a YouTube video as a short little snippet of what our project is-who we are-what we’re trying to do,” Amber told Action 2 News Sunday.

Their Youtube video explains their plight, “The goal is simple: find relief for the people of Haiti in any way possible,” the video reports.

Their campaign started just a few weeks ago, but word of mouth, radio, TV and social media has quickly grown resources for Haitil.”

Amber LaChapelle said, “I was really able to see first-hand just the people of Haiti—how they live their life, just still how they were trying to recover from the earthquake itself back in 2010. And I came home just a few weeks later-and hurricane Matthew hit. It just broke my heart to see people I knew just struggle.”

“I’m interested in filmmaking a little bit and so i have a camera and we kind of just want to document what we’re doing to help these people. The people that donate or help out our cause- we can show them exactly where their money is going,” Brandon told Action 2 News.
“So many families living in tarp homes and just not sure where they’re going to get their food and clean water from,” recalled Amber LaChapelle. “Just not Americanized at all. I didn’t see any grocery stores or hospitals in the area we were in. Just nothing– it was really sad to see how they lived their lives.

So this pair from Two Rivers is going overseas, to help.

“We’re going to package up the food into little baggies for individuals and families and then travel to the south, which is about five hours away where the hurricane really hit. It completely leveled entire homes– there is where we’ll distribute he food- also there’s a lot of construction going on right now so we hope to be involved in some rebuilding of homes,” Amber LaChapelle.

Donate to their cause by visiting their website.