Appleton’s Avenue of Angels


APPLETON, Wis. (WBAY) – Tuesday night, chill and cheer will be in the air as downtown Appleton celebrates its 46th annual Christmas parade.

It’s a parade where angels watch from above, literally.

Appleton is excited to have its avenue of angels back and brighter than ever.

It’s a tradition Appleton Downtown Inc. believes started in the 1960s.

“Talk to a grown-up here or visited as a child, talks about seeing the avenue of angels, and it’s one of those really exciting traditions to hold on to,” Appleton Downtown marketing director Anne Wiegman said.

Walking down College Avenue and you might notice the name Francis Burstein underneath most of the angels. She in large part kept the tradition of angels going when they needed major repair.

Her daughter and granddaughter continue her legacy.

“Continuing the legacy of the angels, the avenue of the angels. It makes the holidays brighter,” daughter Penny Krampien said.

Because of Burstein and her family’s continued support, a second intersection of angels was put in place in 2014.

Last week, Downtown Appleton Inc. added angels to a third intersection with the help of people who grew up with the angels.

“Because  it’s been around for so many years here in downtown Appleton that it just was important, and I just remember as a kid growing up that is was always exciting to come to the parade,” Karla Funk said.

Even with the support, Appleton Downtown needs to raise $3,000 to pay off the third intersection of angels. But those angels will again be shining bright for the parade.

“Being that we’re in the Fox Valley and people come down to the parade tomorrow night and thousands show up and see them lit is just phenomenal,” Krampien said.