Cover 2 On the Clock: Is it time for heads to roll?


WASHINGTON, D.C. (WBAY) – Will the Green Bay Packers be going to the playoffs in January?  The Cover 2 On the Clock panel doesn’t think it looks good for a “sieve of a unit that is giving up plays by the bucketfuls.”

On Sunday night, the Packers defense was lit up by Washington to the tune of 42 points. It’s the 4th straight loss and second game in a row the Packers have given up more than 40 points.

“They’re playing with a JV team right now and they’re getting killed,” said Cover 2 On the Clock’s Mark Daniels.

That begs the question: “Where does the responsibility lie?”

“Maybe Dom Capers, but again these guys are on a short two-year leash now with Thompson and McCarthy tied together for the next couple of years. I’d be surprised if he overhauls the defense knowing he may not get another contract if it doesn’t turn around, but that may be his only option because this is untenable,” Daniels says.

Cover 2’s Rob Demovsky says, “We’re talking historic stuff here. The first time since 1953 that they’ve had four games in a row over 30.”

“It reminds me a little bit of 2008 at New Orleans. I believe that basically was the game that got Bob Sanders fired,” Demovsky continues. “You do this in primetime, you do this in the playoffs, there’s ramifications when that happens. Dom Capers is as good a coach as there is, but unfortunately he may have to pay for this one.

Action 2 Sports director Chris Roth, Mark, and Rob conducted a post-mortem on the loss to the Redskins, and discussed the remaining schedule. Watch the video above.