Leaf pickup in Green Bay continues late into the Fall season

The unexpected warm fall has put leaf pickup crews behind this year.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) –   It was a long and warm fall, which means leaf pickup is still underway in Green Bay. That puts street cleanup crews behind schedule and scrambling to get the leaves all picked up before the snow flies.

“We got bogged down heavily, this very last round, in the areas of southwest part of the city or the east side, where there’s a lot of oaks and a lot of wooded areas, it just took much longer, to get through the city rotation,” said Tony Fietzer, Street Superintendent in Green Bay.

Tony said Public Works is up against the clock with impending snowy and rainy weather.

“A lot of the units that we use for leaf collection are also our snow fighting tool so we have to have everything ready,” said Fietzer.

As crews hustle, their hard work isn’t going unnoticed.

“They have their hands full I know that but they seem to do a good job not too much time before you get them all stacked up and before they pick them up,” said Warren Montoure, a resident of Green Bay.

Grinded down leaf stacks are turned into free compost for residents and to keep streets safe, Public Works is reminding residents to keep leaf piles off the road.

“We want to make sure that we get everyone’s leaves collected and that their not blocking storm inlets in case we do get rain,” said Fietzer.

We also checked in with some surrounding areas like Ashwaubenon, De Pere, and Allouez that all say they too will hope to finish leaf pickup this week.

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