Nursing students warm hearts of pediatric patients with Books ‘n’ Blankets project



GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) — As we head into the holiday season, a group of students is working to make sure kids spending time in the hospital receive some extra special attention.

NWTC’s Student Nurses Association is hoping you can help them warm the hearts of pediatric patients.

Inside a classroom, nursing students live by a new motto, today is beautiful, cleverly written on one of the blankets they make.

They’re looking to share that beauty with kids and families who may need a little extra love this holiday season.

“They’re usually terrified and they hate it, so hopefully this makes it a little easier,” says nursing student Mercedes Dumas.

Dozens of aspiring nurses are spending their free time measuring, cutting and tying fleece blankets to be donated to children in Green Bay area hospitals around Christmas-time.

“In that moment, you’re scared and you’re worried, and just to get that little nugget of something makes you feel a lot better,” says nursing student Samantha Golonka.

Golonka knows exactly what it feels like to be the mom with a little girl receiving such a gift.

It’s what drew her to help with this project.

“She was only three weeks old, so it didn’t mean much to her, but it meant so much to us as parents to just give her something at that time,” she says.

Many of these soon-to-be nurses have worked in the hospitals and seen what it means to have a hand-made gift delivered in what can be the darkest hours for children and their families.


“I don’t want them to have a bad Christmas because of something that they can’t help, so if we can give them a little joy while they’re there, that would be great,” says Dumas.

And it isn’t just blankets coming their way.

“In our bundle, we’ll have one blanket bundled with… we’re trying to do at least two to three books,” says nursing student Angie Heckl.

A project meant to give kids a chance to escape their illnesses and feel the warmth of the holiday season.

They are looking for donations of books, fabric or money.

They’ll accept them until December 5th.

Click here for a link to their website, including a list of drop-off locations and ways to help.

Click here for a link to their Facebook page.