Packers Fans Not Happy With Another Loss


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Many are talking about the Packers loss to the Redskins Sunday.

Fans are not happy with another defeat.

Some are calling for changes as others are simply waving goodbye to the playoffs.

Fans aren’t the only ones who say the Packers might have a problem.

Action 2 News’ “Cover 2” panel said the Packers likely won’t make it to the playoffs this year.

At “The Fan” sports radio, Monday was a busy day.

“Games like this, situations like this, the phones go crazy,” said talk show host, Rookie. “Packer nation is pretty unhappy. They’ve been spoiled by a lot of success but I think they want change.”

What are fans saying?

“Fire Ted, fire Mike, fire Dom,” said Rookie. “They can call in, air their grievances, take it out on the airwaves so to speak and feel a little bit better.”

He said part of the frustration is because the Packers have been good for a long time.

“You get spoiled by all of the success that they’ve had. They’ve made the playoffs seven years in a row so even in a short period of time if there isn’t success people get a little antsy about that,” said Rookie.

Fans agree.

“I think for us as Packer fans, we haven’t had the disappointment in so many years you know, probably going back to like the early 90s, so it’s kind of hard to swallow,” Joann Lesser, a Packers fan said.

Some fans, like her daughter, are still holding out hope.

“We’ve had tough years, we’ve had good years, and we can only hope next year they’ll be better,” said Packers fan Jackie Lesser.