Volunteers baking, selling 500 pies to help Hilbert girl with cancer


HILBERT, Wis. (WBAY) – The taste of a baked pie can bring smiles around the kitchen table especially at the holidays.

But in Hilbert, pies are doing more helping to raise money for medical bills of Emily Koehler. She’s currently fighting cancer.

“Like maybe 50, that was our beginning goal from there you know it’s 500 pies,” said Organizer Holly De Long.

That’s a lot of pies. It’s a part of the giving pie campaign. Holly was touched by Emily while volunteering for her Make-a-Wish Campaign.

“The day I met her she was this bubbley little girl and all she could dream about is doing a bakery,” said Holly.

Emily’s wish of a bakery was granted in June, and she’s been baking plenty of cupcakes.

“Any kind, chocolate, vanilla, lemon is my favorite,” said Emily.

But Emily is still being treated for her stage four thyroid cancer and needs to go to Texas for treatment.

“Everything racks up quick, thousands of dollars in plane tickets just for one trip,” said Emily’s Mom Hope.

The idea of baking pies came from Emily’s love for cooking and the buyers came quickly.

300 pounds of sugar, more than 100 pounds of butter, and more than 100 dozen eggs were used to make the 500 pies. Those supplies were donated.

Because of this effort $9,000-$10,000 will be raised for Emily and her family.

“The generosity is unreal,” said Hope.

“This is truly a story that tells you that people will do anything for someone in need, especially a kid,” said Holly.

After Thanksgiving Emily will be headed to Maryland for trial treatment.