Appleton International Airport makes holiday travel fun

boy shoots basketball hoops at airport

GREENVILLE, Wis. (WBAY) – While many people will be driving to Thanksgiving dinner, others are taking to the sky to reach their holiday weekend destinations.

Sunday may be the busiest travel day of the year, but both Austin Straubel and Appleton International Airports are seeing the hustle and bustle of holiday travel on Wednesday.

While the security lines at Appleton International Airport aren’t as long as the ones in Chicago, New York, or LA, it is taking travelers a few extra minutes to get through.

“We’ll have about double our normal passengers, through the airport today. So, our normal day is about 700 and we will have about 1500 people departing, so that’s a big day for us,” says ATW Marketing Manager Patrick Tracey.

Contributing to the big day is a first for Appleton International. Allegiant, which flies from Appleton to four warm weather destinations, has flights departing on all of its routes on the same day.

Wanting to make sure all of those extra travelers enjoy their departure, the airport staff has created a game day inside the terminal complete with ping pong, air hockey and a basketball game. According to Patrick Tracey, “We’re always looking for something to make travel special and take some of the stress out of the busy travel time, so anything we can do to help we’re glad to do that.”

The passengers are glad, too. Tina Remington from Appleton, traveling to Arizona, says, “This is awesome. My son loves it. It’s just great. It’s making the time fly.”

And with prizes at the end, it’s a win-win for these travelers. Traveler Bill Juneau from Oconomowoc adds, “Actually kind of lucked out. Daughter actually won ping-pong and I came in second so it was alright.”

Even though the security lines in Appleton and Green Bay won’t be too long, airport officials are encouraging those flying this weekend to give yourselves plenty of time to make your flights.