Chilton Thanksgiving Express crosses milestone of home-delivered meals


CHILTON, Wis. (WBAY) – The volunteers at the 34th Chilton Thanksgiving Day express went through the lines filling up their boxes with Thanksgiving treats.

Then it was time to get the boxes delivered to the elderly and those in need.

“Deliver a hot meal and a kind word when you’re delivering, take time and listen to the people and smile,” said Thanksgiving Day Express Committee’s Todd Weber.

The Arnold family were some of the smiling volunteers delivering today. they saw smiles returned.

“You see the smile that it puts on their face when they actually get it, they enjoy it, they enjoy the company when you can actually stop and visit with them for a little while,” said Guy Arnold.

87-year-old Bob Schad was one of around 500 people receiving meals Thursday in the Chilton area. He likes all parts of the thanksgiving meal.

“Everything, everything… I like to eat,” said Schad.

34 years ago far less meals were delivered. It started small but grew into a strong Thanksgiving tradition.

“Like three guys started this, they just wanted to do it, they probably served like I don’t know maybe 8-10 meals,” Weber said. “Others heard about the effort and got involved and it has grown to that aspect.”

Today volunteers like 5th grader Mackenzie Arnold get to enjoy the day.

“Seeing everyone smile and helping people,” said Arnold.