Christ the Rock Church serves up Thanksgiving dinner

Christ the Rock Church Thanksgiving meal

GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY) – Hundreds of volunteers helped out with a Thanksgiving meal in Grand Chute.

It was organized by Christ the Rock Church and provided people with the choice of dine-in or delivery.

At Monarch Gardens in Grand Chute, the serving line was a chance for people to get to know each other…who might not otherwise share a Thanksgiving dinner.

Dennetra Williams and her daughter are among the volunteers who attend Christ the Rock Church.

“We come and do what we’re doing, table visiting, making people feel warm and welcome on the holidays, and loved and appreciated. I think it touches the soul for them, and it touches my soul as well, and it helps her understand the importance of giving back, and supporting other people in the community,” said Williams.

The church expects to serve up to a thousand people in the banquet hall, and about 1,500 in home deliveries across the Fox Valley.

Lili Jones of Appleton was among those who showed up.

She said,”I’ve never been here before, but it’s really amazing to be here with a bunch of people who volunteer, take their time, out of their own busy schedules and it’s just absolutely amazing.”

Besides the help of hundreds of volunteers, the church also relies heavily on food donations which come from businesses throughout the community.

“We have incredible donors from the community like Hupy and Abraham, JJ Keller, and other organizations that help fund this, so it’s totally funded thru the community and then we have people that donate food, our body, people from the community. We have over 40 organizations that help supply all the needs for this meal,” said Joel Ziener of Christ the Rock Church.

For Christ the Rock the meal is a tradition dating back about 25 years.