Police working to remove ‘Obamacare’ signs in Green Bay

Photo: Steven Steinbruecker.
Photo: Steven Steinbruecker.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – The Green Bay Police Department is working to remove a number of “Obamacare” signs that have been posted throughout the city.

An officer spotted a man posting the signs on Thursday morning. The signs tell people to call a phone number for free health, dental and vision care enrollment.

The signs have been posted on both the city’s east and west sides. Officers have been instructed to remove them if they see them. However, since Thursday is a holiday, police don’t expect to remove many of them until Friday, when CSI officers will go out and throw away as many signs as they can find.

Police told the man that he was acting in violation of city ordinance, which states that signs cannot be posted on telephone and light poles. Signs were also posted on trees.

The man was told to stop putting the signs up. If he is seen doing it again, he can be fined with a $180 citation.

Police say the man who posted the signs works for a mass advertising company in either North or South Carolina.

There are also reports that the same signs have been posted in Manitowoc. Action 2 News contacted the Manitowoc Police Department, who said they were not aware of the signs but that they would look into it.

An Action 2 News viewer said he saw the signs pictured below on private property in Manitowoc.

Photo: Stefan Metzger.
Photo: Stefan Metzger.
Photo: Stefan Metzger.
Photo: Stefan Metzger.
Photo: Stefan Metzger.
Photo: Stefan Metzger.

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