Shoppers turnout for Black Friday in Grand Chute


GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY) – Black Friday marks a busy day for shoppers.

It’s a day many spend searching for that unbeatable bargain.

The search for the right price on toys. That’s what people were hoping to find at Toys”R” Us in Grand Chute on Black Friday.

“Everything is going well, the customers are in good spirits and they’re going with the flow and riding it out,” said Toys “R” Us Store Manager Greg Baker.

Baker said the crowd was steady and comparable to last year. In that crowd was Brian Nagan from Neenah who was not the most thrilled Black Friday shopper.

“Not really but sometimes you just got to do it, get what you got to get and get on out of there,” said Nagan.

Nagan was out there to find gifts for his granddaughter. When we talked to him he already had a gift in hand.

“We only came for the slime but we’ve already got other things,” said Nagan.

Unfortunately Toys “R” Us had goo, but not slime. So Nagan said he was going to try Walmart.

Over at Mills Fleet Farm in Grand Chute the turnout was strong.

“Crowd’s definitely stronger, we’ve had quite the turnout, I’d say definitely more than last year, so very strong turnout, it’s been steady hasn’t really slowed down,” said Mills Fleet Farm Assistant Store Manager Mike Lemay.