“Cop Stop” to Thank Law Enforcement Officers


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) — So far this year, 132 police officers have died in the line of duty, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page.

In light of recent shootings, one Green Bay business is on a mission to show local officers they have the community’s support.

“It’s a scary time to be a police officer,” said Carrie Zehms, who runs non-profit From Above Youth Center and Bakery.

That is why she wants to show officers the community cares.

“As a community we support them and their families and thanking them for keeping us safe and, you know, putting their lives on the line,” Zehms said.

In order to do that, she wants to start a “cop stop.”

That is a time officers can stop in the store and pick up a meal to take home.

“A main meal, and then either soup or a salad, and then dessert,” Zehms said. “We want to be able to do the Brown County, the city, and the State Patrol officers.” said Zehms.

Organizers say they hope to give out at least 200 meals to police officers and their families.

“For families, their loved ones that–you send them off every day not knowing are they going to come back or what’s going to happen,” Zehms said.

The idea is still in the planning stages, but they hope to kick off before Christmas.

Police said they appreciate the idea.

“It warms your heart. it makes our officers realize that they really do have a great community to work with here and they really are supported here in Green Bay,” said Green Bay Police

Chief Andrew Smith.

In order to make this program a reality, Zehms said she is going to need a little help from community members.

“We’ll have certain times where they can come in and help prepare the meals and get everything put together,” said Zehms.

People interested in volunteering or donating can contact Carrie Zehms: fromaboveyouthcenters@gmail.com or (920)494-3253