Credit Card Skimming Victim Warns Others

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) — There is rising concern in Wisconsin after more credit card skimmers were found over the weekend.

Credit card skimmers are used to steal personal information.

The most recent devices were discovered in Shawano on Friday in ATMs at Premier Community Bank and CoVantage Credit Union on South Main Street.

Police said two suspicious men were seen at the ATMS before opening Friday.

There are no known victims in those cases, but police across the area are concerned after two similar credit card skimmers were found at Green Bay gas stations earlier this month.

The suspects in those cases have been arrested.

“You kind of think ‘it’s not going to happen to me,'” said Stephanie Nespoli, who used a credit card to pay for gas a the pump last month.

Nespoli and her husband became victims of credit card skimming.

The couple married last month and left their credit card at home while they traveled out of the country.

“It was only about two or three weeks and by the time we looked at it we had over $3,000 racked up in charges that most definitely were not ours,” Nespoli said. “We were completely shocked and freaked out.”

The first charge was local.

“After the card was taken there was a $1 charge as if it were being tested,” Nespoli said.

The thousands of dollars spent after that, most used to deliver food, were not local.

“Humongous charges. They were going all out with our card,” said Nespoli.

Credit card skimmers have been at two gas stations in Green Bay, but police say victims could be anywhere.

“Anybody that purchases really anywhere with a debit card or a credit card could be a victim,” said Green Bay Police Detective Lieutenant Rick Belanger. “It sounds like it’s becoming more and more and it’s definitely troubling because I think people want those — it’s fast it’s quick to just swipe a card.”

Police said don’t just wait for credit card statements. Go online or cal your bank to make sure you are not a victim.

The Nespolis were able to get their money back after contacting their bank.