Local OSU student safe following attack on campus


GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – The attack at Ohio State hit close to home for one Northeast Wisconsin family. Not only is their son a senior at OSU, but the whole family had, just yesterday, been on campus for a weekend together.

The Sizemore family of Green Bay spent the weekend together at OSU, youngest son and brother evan is set to graduate from the university in the spring. So as news of the attack on campus started to trickle in, so did the panic for Evan’s mom, Lisa who was back to work this morning after the weekend away.

According to Lisa Sizemore, “All of a sudden I started getting messages from family and then my son, Evan, sent a text message that he was at his apartment and he was safe. And the, the reality of all of it kicked in for me.”

And for Evan Sizemore too. On Monday mornings, he’s usually in the area, where the attacks happened, heading to basketball practice. But this morning, he was still sleeping when things were unfolding.

“If I would have had practice this morning, then I would have walked right by that building on my way,” says Evan Sizemore.

Instead, Sizemore said he watched the scene from the safety of his apartment adding, “Right outside our window, actually, was a bunch of the cop cars and they had closed down that street.”

It was an unbelievable experience for him to witness on his college campus saying, “It went from literally our campus being the happiest place on earth, just beating Michigan two days ago, to I don’t even know how to feel. It’s unreal.”

So as his mom continues to field calls, from concerned friends and family, Evan Sizemore says he and his roommates will work through what happened at their home.

He says, “Even though our university is 60,000 students, it’s all one Buckeye family and it’s hard to see something like this happen.”

And for both mother and son, Christmas break can’t come quickly enough.