Adams’ Ascendance Complete


It is the best of times now, but was the worst of times for Davante Adams last year.

Known more for his missed opportunities in 2015, ‘Davante the Dropper’ had 0 touchdown catches before December, but this year has 8 and ranks 4th in the NFL in TD grabs. 

“It feels great,” Adams said. “It drives me to want to keep elevating and pushing that ceiling higher and higher.” 

“I have said it a bunch to you guys, but it is on purpose: last year he was not healthy,” said quarterback Aaron Rodgers. “This year he has been healthy and has played the way that we projected him to play last year. He has obviously earned a lot of my trust this year and he is playing very confidently and I love the way he is playing.” 

Adams has been the perfect barometer for the Packers this year. They are 5-1 in games in which Adams has a touchdown, but they have not won a single time when he has not found the end zone. 

“I like to think that I can get a spark going for the team,” Adams said. “I like to come out with some energy and get things going. I feel like once Aaron and I click early, it opens up things for the rest of the game. We all feed off of each other. If it is me that has to get the spark going, I love to have that happen. I’m a big passionate guy when it comes to on the field and showing emotion.