Clay Matthews calls blindside hit a “cheap shot”

Clay Matthews calls Allen Barbre hit in the first quarter a "cheap shot."
Clay Matthews calls Allen Barbre hit in the first quarter a "cheap shot."

Green Bay (WBAY) – Packers linebacker Clay Matthews is nursing a shoulder injury suffered on Monday night against Philadelphia. Matthews was blindsided by Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Allen Barbre in the first quarter on a reverse. Matthews responded today in the locker room calling Barbre’s hit a “cheap shot.”

“I mean I wasn’t a fan of it. I mean I have a lot more to say about it. I’ll say it behind closed doors. It was a cheap shot but it is what it is. I ate it. Unfortunately I landed on my shoulder and that’s what I’ve been dealing with since but otherwise it’s whatever,” Matthews said.

Barbe was not penalized on hit.

“Was it legal? I don’t know,” Matthew said. “They didn’t throw a flag probably because I’m not a quarterback. I know all about that.”

“I’m in some pain. No Doubt about it. There’s some swelling, bruising. We got an X-Ray on it and nothing’s broken. So that’s good. So we’ll see moving forward as far as the progress I make going into this game that’s ultimately the goal but we got some work to do.”

Matthews added that when he went into the locker room in the first half he received a pain-reducing shot that made it tolerable to return to the game but after coming off a hamstring injury.

“It’s obviously frustrating. I was feeling good. In that first series just playing a little faster with the position change and everything I was feeling good about what I was able to do especially in those first couple plays. It’s frustrating. It’s part of the game though. We will battle through it and just deal with it I guess.

Whether or not Matthews will play Sunday against the Houston Texans is uncertain at this point.

“We’ll see how it goes moving forward as far as pain tolerance and what the medial staff has to say but we’ll see moving forward,” Matthews said.