Wisconsin presidential election recount underway


Wisconsin’s presidential election recount is underway.

Here’s a list of area counties and how many workers they’ll have coming in each day:


Those workers vary from inspectors to tabulators.

Brown County will be doing their recount by hand, until the right machines come in later in the week, with the help of 20-30 people.

“First we started with the political party others are polling, chief election officials,” said Brown County Deputy Clerk Justin Schmite.

Others volunteered to help.

Winnebago County is doing theirs by hand and will have the help of around 35-40 workers each day.

“They’re poll workers. We received the names from the municipal clerks, 99 percent of them are election workers. We’ve had a few volunteer that aren’t,” said Winnebago County Clerk Sue Ertman.

Brown County will wait to submit the ballots until the machine arrives.

“They all get hand reviewed before they get sent into the machine, make sure if they get rejected for any reason and then they get sent through the machine.”

Winnebago County discussed their plans to tally the ballots. “When we do get to the ballot counting part of it, we will separate the ballots by candidate and then put those in stacks and those stacks are counted and then we have a tally sheet that we will fill out,” Ertman said.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission says clerks must complete the recount by December 12, a day ahead of the federal deadline for reporting election results.