Sick leave resolution approved for Brown County employees

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BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) – The Brown County Board has approved a resolution that will allow county employees to use their banked sick time to purchase health care.

Earlier this month, an amendment to the county budget was presented that would allow county employees to use that banked sick time to buy health care on the open market upon retirement.

That amendment was approved Wednesday evening during a special session of the county board meeting.

Officials with the Brown County Sheriff’s Office say they appreciate the support from the county board, as it will directly affect sheriff’s deputies.

“What’s significant about it to us is that there is huge overwhelming support by the county board for an issue that is extremely important to the deputies, and it’s very, very nice to feel that support from the county board,” said Jim Dagneau, president of the Labor Association.

The resolution passed unanimously.