Your holiday trash and big boxes could be an invitation to burglars

grand-chute police

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – As you clean up from the holidays and get ready to throw out the trash, police are warning you to take some extra precautions. They say that trash can become an open invitation to burglars.

It’s a simple message from law enforcement, break down your boxes if you got a new TV or a computer, for example. You don’t want to advertise that to thieves.

“We always want to make the safe guards to try to prevent this from happening but we do see on occasion where people will break into somebody’s house because they actually saw the opportunity that this person has something brand new that apparently the criminals feel that this item should belong to them,” said Lt. Jody Crocker with Ashwaubenon Public Safety.

Lt. Crocker said  the number one way to advertise what gifts you got this holiday season is the packaging itself.

“If people would take the time, to break down their boxes if you get a television or if you get a computer, and you break down those boxes, even turn those boxes inside out so they don’t see the outside labeling of the boxes,” said Crocker.

A few law enforcement agencies have put out the same warning including Grand Chute Police. The department tweeted: “Don’t advertise your Christmas gifts at the curb, bad guys are watching! Break down your boxes for trash pick-up.”

“Some of the simple ways are even just by drawing your shades, closing your blinds, and don’t put your boxes out until recycling day so don’t leave them sitting out on the curb,” said Lt. Crocker.

Police said thieves most likely will not dig through your trash, they like an easy target, so breaking down your boxes and fitting them into your bins on trash day is the best way to avoid the headache.

Lt. Crocker also said you want to avoid giving thieves any personal information so any boxes that came in from loved ones this year, make sure to take the label off with your name. It’s just another precaution you can take.