Slippery conditions lead to run on ice melt

Person walking on ice and salt
(Photo: WBAY)

DE PERE, Wis. (WBAY) – For a third day in a row we battled slick roads in Northeast Wisconsin. In Oshkosh, a crash on slippery pavement led to lane restrictions on Interstate 41 for more than an hour during morning rush hour.

But the ice issues stretch far beyond the roads and impact almost all of us. Local emergency rooms tell us the recent icy conditions have led to an increase in fall-related injuries.

Since Monday night, Randy Landwehr has fought a battle outside his De Pere home he’s had a hard time winning.

“Slipping and sliding. I fell down in the driveway a couple times. I coated it down with salt, but when it was raining it didn’t pay to. Just watched it wash down the driveway and that was it,” he said.

“Everybody’s got like an inch or two of ice sitting on their sidewalks and driveways,” Mike Trulley of De Pere said.

Which is why we found Trulley at De Pere True Value searching for salt.

“This is my first stop,” he said.

We arrived at the hardware store before Trulley to find all the pallets of ice melt stacked and empty.

“The last 3-4 days have just been nuts. I mean, ice melt is just going off the shelf like you can’t imagine,” store owner Kelly Schattl said. “We went through our complete supply that we ordered for this year, and we had ordered more than we ordered last year and we still ran out.”

“Well, that’s not going to be a good thing for me,” Trulley reacted.

Schattl says everything to combat the ice — even cat litter — is in hot demand.

“Sand, we went through a complete pallet of sand, went through tube sand. Any kind of ice chopper we have, that’s gone. And if I had another half semi, bet I could’ve sold that, too,” Schattl said.

It’s time for another round of salt on Landwehr’s driveway — a routine he says that’s getting a little old.

“I hate the ice. I like ice fishing, but I don’t like ice on the driveway.”