Teens arrested on “terrorist threat” charges for Fond du Lac school threat

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FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WBAY) – Fond du Lac Police have arrested two students in connection to a threatening note found at the high school.

Officers say a 17-year-old has been arrested on charges of Making Terrorist Threats. He’s being held at the Fond du Lac County Jail.

A 16-year-old student was referred to juvenile authorities for “party to the crime of making terrorist threats*,” according to the police department.

Officers say a note with “vulgar rap lyrics” and a threat to the high school was found in a hallway on Jan. 11. The threat stated something would happen at the school on Thursday, Jan. 12. Police did not release details on what was contained in the threat. More details were expected with the filing of a criminal complaint.

Fond du Lac Police increased their presence at the school Thursday. The department says that increased presence will continue.

The Fond du Lac Police Department does not believe this is connected to the threat to Oshkosh West and North High Schools. West and North were closed Thursday, but the Oshkosh Area School District says the situation has been “resolved.”

*Under Wisconsin State Law, a Terrorist Threats charge covers disturbances including causing “public panic or fear”; causing “public inconvenience”; and “preventing the occupation of or cause the evacuation of a building, dwelling, school premises, vehicle, facility of public transportation, or place of public assembly or any room within a building, dwelling, or school premises.”