Dallas-area bar welcomes Packers fans

Vernon's Gastropub

ADDISON, Texas (WBAY) – A Dallas-area bar will provide a green-and-gold welcome to fans traveling to see the Packers take on the Cowboys on Sunday.

For the past 30 years, Vernon’s Gastropub has been home to the Cheddar Heads of North Texas — and this weekend they’re expecting a lot of company from the north, starting with a Wisconsin-flavored feast Friday night.

“Cheese curds, brats and our fish fry. It’s very popular,” owner Angel Sertner told us via videoconference. “We will follow that with a full day of entertainment tomorrow, watching the games to see where we’re going to head the playoffs, and then Sunday we have a giant tent that will be put outside, that’s actually coming today, that will hold another few hundred people and it’ll be wall-to-wall Packers fans for the next three days.”

Sertner says she most appreciates Packers fans for their loyalty and sense of family.

“Even if you don’t like the Packers, you can’t walk in here and not feel the love, the excitement and the high fives and the hugs. That’s what I like being a part of.”

She still remembers 2010 when fans in town for the Super Bowl caught her by surprise after an ice storm led her to believe her bar would be empty for days.

“When I finally made it to work, and got here and it was like 6:30 in the morning, there were more Wisconsin Packer people here with shovels and just clearing the whole parking lot because they wouldn’t put up the tents without the ice being gone, and they just went to work and that’s just the type of camaraderie they bring,” Sertner recalled.

As for the game, Sertner is predicting a last-second Packers win.

“Aaron Rodgers has that last famous throw when we need it, and I’m counting on that to come,” she laughed.