Green Bay police warn about kidnapping scam

telehone and money

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – Green Bay police are warning about a new scam trying to terrify its victims into believing their daughter or another loved one was kidnapped.

Police were alerted to at least three calls on Friday.

A man demanded $500 if the victims ever wanted to see their daughter again — or, generically, would say “see her again,” without identifying the loved one.

The sound of a female crying was heard in the background.

In at least one case, the caller knew the target’s name and their daughter’s name.

Police say no one fell for the scam.

The phone number traced back to Guadalajara, Mexico.

But police think there’s more than one caller, because one person described the caller with a Hispanic accent, another thought the man sounded African-American. The third potential victim wasn’t sure.