Center for Suicide Awareness launches Spanish text support line

Texto APOYO a 839863


KAUKAUNA, Wis. (WBAY) – The Kaukauna group that started the first statewide emotional support text line, Hopeline, in 2010 is expanding.

The Center for Suicide Awareness launched the state’s first Spanish emotional support text line Friday.

“Everybody struggles, every culture struggles and so this is another way we reach more of our population,” said Barb Bigalke, Executive Director of Center for Suicide Awareness.

The center says they didn’t see many people from the Hispanic community texting into their English line.

After investigating, the center learned that a designated Spanish line would increase that number.

“We realized a dedicated line a different number, and Spanish speaking gives that culture the respect of saying I will use this resource,” said Bigalke.

Director of Social Services at St. Paul Elder Services in Kaukauna, Diana Scoville, says this resource will give those who speak Spanish as their first language comfort in seeking help.

“Like I said, emotionally I don’t think people can put into words how they’re really feeling, but in their own language it will come out the way they are intending it to and I think hopefully someone will understand that,” said Scoville.

“You want on a text line, you really truly feel on a text line that you feel what their trying to express to you and if that’s a difference in the language and a culture we want to make sure that we respect that,” said Bigalke.

The text line is available now for people who text APOYO to 839863.

The center says they already have 52 responders for the Spanish text line.