Green Bay alderman wants to salvage parts of Colburn Pool to cut costs

colburn pool

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) — One Green Bay alderman is hoping a new option could help save the Colburn Pool.

It was back to the drawing board after Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt vetoed funding for the Colburn Pool after bids came in $2.3 million over budget.

But the parks department is trying again. They’ve hired an engineering firm to come up with three more pool concepts, all within the $3.5 million budget.

Concept one would be a scaled back Olympic sized pool.

“A lot of the amenities will have to go away, a lot of the square footage of the building and pool will have to go away,” said Dan Ditscheit, design development superintendent with the parks department.

Concept two would be a neighborhood type pool.

“More family oriented instead of competitive swimming oriented,” said Ditscheit.

Concept three wouldn’t be a pool at all.

“It would be more of an indoor, year-round facility for family play,” said Ditscheit.

But Alderman Chris Wery thinks there should be a fourth concept.

“Why not look at renovating as much as we can?” said Wery.

The city originally pledged $3.5 million for the renovation project if supporters raised $1 million through private donations. They did that, but now that the pool is being reconsidered, the donors are backing out. The city has already returned a $100,000 check to the Ho-Chunk Nation.

“The main donors said the concept we donated towards was killed by the mayor, we are not interested anymore and we want our money back,” said Wery.

However, Wery said if they can salvage some of the existing pool, cut costs and keep it Olympic sized, then maybe the original pool donors would jump back in.

“You could potentially add another $900,000 so it might be more expensive but you have more money now because you are keeping it what the donors thought,” said Wery.

The parks committee decided to wait on Wery’s recommendation until the other three concepts are presented which is likely to happen in March.

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